Monday, 23 July 2012

Uche Jombo Threatened By a Man On Twitter: "I hate Uche Jumbo - I wish I get a pistol"


The idea of celebrity stalkers is pretty much a foreign occurrence and is rarely reported in Nigeria. It seems as we open up to the world, some vices are bound to follow.However, people openly sending death threats  to celebrities isn’t too common considering  it’s an offence in most countries.

A man identified as Jesuwale Phemy  Femi is definitely one of such people who throw caution to the wind as he openly threatened Nollywood actress cum producer Uche Jumbo over twitter.

 Not minding the repercussions of such a statement, he said “I hate Uche Jumbo, take it or leave it. She knows why. I wish I get a pistol”

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