Thursday, 1 June 2017



My journey into Ponzi began during my service year. It was introduced to me by a friend that meant me no harm. Initially when I heard about MMM I was never interested because I had a legitimate source of income. On starting my national youth service I was introduced to a couple of Ponzi schemes that give 100 percent return within 24hours. I thought to myself that this is not bad. After all people willingly agree to donate this money to you. I was then introduced to two terms that are used in the Ponzi world. They are GH-get help and PH-place help. I first did a lot of website Ponzi and gained a lot and lost a lot as well. The person that introduced me lost her savings and had to eventually quit. I wanted to quit but greed did not let me. I knew that the 19800 I was receiving as allowance as a corper would not satisfy me. Although there are corpers that were living off the 19800 and did not die. I then shifted into whatsapp Ponzi it was there I borrowed money from my friend and I gained for a while and lost the money instead of me to return the money back. I lost over 500k of my friend’s money. It was at this point I realized I needed to stop this joke called Ponzi and focus on doing something meaningful to people’s lives and earn a living through it. Name any website Ponzi I participated. The number of whatsapp and telegram Ponzi I participated as at my last count was over 100. Somebody would just wake up and decide to start a group, milk from it and when it crashes smile to the bank.
People fail to realize that this system is a money game and there are bound to be winners and losers. Some will smile while others will cry. The people that profit from the system are the early starters. Those that come in late eventually shed tears because they pay out and don’t get anything in return. The admins of these groups are then cursed and hurtful words are sent to them. There is a certain class of people in this Ponzi system. They are the very smart ones. The system calls them eat and run. Why I call them smart is this. They invest early (PH) and profit (GH) and then leave the system. They don’t stay to do again. Ordinarily the system expects them to continue (recycle) but they access the system and know that if they do again. They might loose the profit they acquired. I would not begin to list the Ponzi schemes I was involved in.
Why did I take the pain to share this with you. This is a clarion call to all my fellow Nigerians. Let us put a stop to this. It is better to stay hungry than to soil your integrity and name. Most people borrow money to play this game and the amount in question is usually huge. 10k 20k 25k 30k 50k even 100k. Don’t try to live above your means. People have used their house rent, school fees, flight ticket money and have run into serious debt. A lot of people are in huge debt as I write because of Ponzi.

If you are in it please stop and if you are not but are considering it please don’t get yourself involved in it. I know of legitimate ways to make money so you can sleep with both eyes closed. As I write I teach at the skill acquisition programme and entrepreneurship development programme of NYSC Abia State, Umunna Bende Camp. It is not enough to say a word is enough for the wise. I am beginning my fellow Nigerians lets all put a stop to this. MMM was the beginning of this madness. A lot of people are weeping right now, some are in jail. Let’s help ourselves and stop this. 

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