Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Specs, Rumors, And Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S5rumors, possible specs and expected price has surfaced. Samsung Galaxy Flaships have been critised by many for their use of “Plastic” which to them, gives it a “cheap feeling” Hence, Samsung as optedfor Aluminium design much like the HTC One. Rumors also has it that thesamsung galaxy s5is to come with a technology that enables users to fold it due to its large 5.0inches screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs
Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to pack high level technology owing to the fact that Apple, HTC and Sony being the close competitor also plans to launch their flagships next year.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Design
As stated above, the Samsung galaxy s5 will be graced with aluminium design giving it a premium build..for which the Galaxy’s line has been criticized.
Samsung Galaxy S5The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rumoured to have a 16 mega pixel camera which HTC has madeus understand that numbers aren’t quality.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date
The flagship is expected to launch in 2014, as is the tradition of Samsung to leave a gap of one year. They wouldn’t want to cut sales of the s4..would they?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price
As a high end phone, we expect the price range to fall between $600 to $700 which is very costly if you ask me..
What do you think of this great smartphone? Will Apple still control the smartphone market ?


  1. You can view the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs here.---- http://www.galaxy-samsung.in/2013/07/samsung-galaxy-s-5-s5-SV-S-v-specs-specifications-features-release-date.html

  2. Lessons Samsung has to learn from the downfall of Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Design


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