Thursday, 28 February 2013

15-year-old Girl Killed By Facebook Lover

Katie, a talented young art student, was duped into dating twisted loner Tony Bushby after he created FOUR fake Facebook profiles.

His phoney friends all got to know the shy, church-going 19-year-old online and the messages he sent pretending to be them persuaded her to trust and like him.

Chillingly, at the same time, karate teacher Bushby was also watching violent “submissive black girl” Indecency and molestation websites — and Googling murder methods for burying a body.

Six months after he convinced her to go out with him, Bushby killed Katie, stabbing her 23 times in a frenzied knife attack while she babysat her young nephew and niece — then tried to pin it on one of his fake Facebook friends.


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