Wednesday, 8 August 2012

PHOTO: Oklahoma Mom Faces Felony Charges For Kicking 3-Year-Old Down Stairs & Beating Her With A Belt


Lashonda Tashia Cummings must be in the running to become one of the worst mothers in America, because her assault on her 3-year-old child just earned her some votes.

The Oklahoma mom was charged with felony child abuse Friday (Aug. 3), for pushing her young daughter down a flight of stairs, and then finishing off the job by beating the child with a belt.

The incident occurred on July 28, and Cummings' acts were exposed after a witness saw her kick the child, and alerted local police. Once authorities arrived at the scene Cummings refused to allow police inside her home without a search warrant, but gave in after she was informed that they were going to come in regardless of her consent.

The little girl was found wet, naked and shaking underneath a blanket, with bruises on her back, shoulders, arms and head.

According to Cummings, she attacked the child because she wouldn’t listen.  As for why her daughter was naked and wet when police arrived, Cummings said she was trying to wash blood off her daughter before they got there.

Cummings is being held at the Tulsa Jail without bond, pending a juvenile review.

As heinous as her crime was, Cummings is not the only parent to be arrested for abusing their offspring. Last month, Vastie Coleman of Houston confessed to beating her 4-year-old son to death for peeing on himself.

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