Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nigerian Listed Among The Most-Wanted Tax Fugitive Who Conned UK Gov. Of N19B

His name is Olutayo Owolabi & we can bet he has a British passport, said to be 40 years old. His mug shot was released with 19 others today all said to have conned the Government out of a total of 756 Million Pounds. They have been tagged Britain most prolific tax dodgers. According to the report, while some of the accused are still holed up in hiding in Britain, many have vamoosed abroad.

They were tagged as criminals this morning, and have being put on the most wanted list with their mug shots displayed, so they can either be found or hunted down after absconding from trials or after they were accused of crimes against the state. Olutayo Owolabi, 40, was convicted in January 2010 for 27 charges linked to tax credits and money laundering. The estimated cost to the tax payer was 1 Million Pounds. In total tax evasion & fraud is said to have cost taxpayers around 10 Billion Pounds a year. The 20 so accused have contributed 756 Million Pounds of the 10 Billion Pounds.

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