Monday, 13 August 2012

Liberty Reserve ATM

Liberty Reserve ATM

You can use the Fortune51 MasterCard and withdraw money from your Liberty Reserve. If you dont know what the Fortune51 MasterCard is, Click Here
Here are the steps you can use to use the F51 MasterCard to withdraw from Liberty Reserve
1. Apply for the MasterCard. It is free but we require a small shipping fee to get the MasterCard to your house.
2. Activate the Card.
3. If you have money in your Liberty Reserve which you would like to transfer to your mastercard so that you can withdraw the money via ATM, you will chat with our live support or send us a mail and we will send you the form to fill
4. After that, you can now transfer the liberty reserve to our Exchange account.
5. Within 3-5 hours the money will be exchanged into your MasterCard.
6. Then you can go to any ATM and withdraw your money in your local currency or Dollar
7. That's it.

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