Monday, 30 July 2012

F51 Laptops & Pocket Pad Series


The F51 laptop series is a partnership with the world’s strongest brands. It’s your dream come true.  Sleek and affordable the notebooks and POCKET PADS  is packed with all the essentials you need. Featuring high-definition graphics and plenty of DDR3 memory, it works harder and faster while minimizing your power usage.
Facial recognition, Voice command, OneKey Rescue System are some of the powerful features that set the F51 SERIES apart.

Why Chose the F51 Series? 

  • We bring your dream to your door step.
  • High quality products backed up with world-class brands and warranty.
  • We Partner With you to Get you paid
Most times, when you purchase products  you only end up paying the merchant, and that ends it there. You continue to buy and use without any form of compensation. But not any more.
F51 now offers you the opportunity to get paid when you buy your brands customized with the F51 LABEL. That’s not all. As our BUSINESS ASSOCIATE, you will continue to get paid till eternity for all purchases made by your friends and others that you refer to join and become our member.


You buy your brands in F51 Label – You get paid cash back.  You sponsor others to join F51 by referring them through your BUSINESS LINK. They continue to patronize F51 and or use continue to use any of our service – you get paid, not once, not twice, but for life.


F51 will send all your funds to you via our physical mastercard and you can cash your money via any ATM anywhere in the world.There are no minimum amount. Once you make $10…you can withdraw your money.

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